You Are My Home

We haven’t been able to see each other very often, we haven’t got to have dates now and then nor we haven’t visited those places on our bucket lists. You work during the day, I work during at night. I wasn’t always been there to hug you when it feels like the world is against you nor caress your hair or gives you kisses all over your face. I would have to check for my schedule first before I get to see again that smile of yours that I fell in love with, but I still love you, as much as when we last held each other for hours not worrying about what time is it because we have work the next day.

We haven’t got to have vivid conversations all the time, sometimes life just moves on without anything interest. Sometimes, we will be talking constantly for days and there would be days that will be a bit quieter, we get caught up with our lives and work. And still knowing even we don’t have to talk all the time, having the reassurance that we remains to be there for one another just proved that we can work this together. I still and always want you along this ride we call life, even if we end up watching the grass grow now and then.

Let’s not worry about each other, I love you even we’re too busy and I could only be with you for an hour or two. Let’s continue building our future together, I don’t mind how long it takes. What we have is worth the sacrifices and worth the wait and because I know whenever I’ll be in your arms again, I’m finally home.

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