In Silent

Birds start chirping, the sun is rising and it’s light slowly creeping into my windows. It had been three hours since I got home from my graveyard shift, it’s five o’clock in the morning. Where the smallest sounds can be heard and yet here I am.. Weeping, hands onto my mouth trying not make a noise. Hiding, crying, and missing you so bad.

Most people are getting up, getting ready to start their day. But for me, the day isn’t over, I’m stuck from the past, the yesterday- were I was once with you.

I’m about to take this third pill to get me into sleep- help me escape from this harsh reality, the reality that you have left me: you are gone. So let me dream about you, dream about the day you were just next to me.

Trying to write this off, it doesn’t make sense at all. Just trying to ease the heaviness. The tightness in my chest, to help me breathe. With all these chaos in my mind, I crave for an escape, a sleep maybe… maybe

I miss you so bad daddy…

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