Lost and Found

I was once lost but you found me.

You found me when I was going through the worst times of my life. You were there that night, you saw me crying and screaming for my Dad’s name. You saw me in so much pain. You knew how brutally broken I was because I’ve lost my first love, my superhero- my dad. You could have left but you didn’t. You choose to stay by my side. You became my rock and strength during that time. You take care of me, always taking care of me. Regardless of how broken I was, you still tender me with affection and mend every pain and scars I have. You give me the security and comfort that I needed. You reassure me that it’d be an honor for you to dive deep into my soul. To learn every detail about me, my past, and my fears so you’d know how to treat me right and keep me forever. You accepted my flaws and you let me be honest with you as you memorize every part that makes me who I am.

I was scattered in pieces but you didn’t mind picking me up during those nights when all the chaos in my mind and pain in my heart overwhelmed me and when I was already questioning my own worth. You didn’t mind wiping my tears- even until now. You always calm me down every time I am having an anxiety and panic attack. You taught me how to find and save myself as you proved your true intentions. I always thought I am different and that I was too difficult to love — until you made it so easy.

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