Some Mornings

There were mornings like this, waking up with a heavy heart, longing for someone I love the most. It’s been two months and I am trying my best to move-on in my life but this doesn’t mean I can just forget about you. There are no seconds that I do not miss you, think about you, and wish I am still with you. I can still feel the pain inside me, slowly but surely becoming a part of me.

There were mornings like this, I’ll play your favorite songs. I’ll close my eyes and think about the good memories you have shared with us. We were happy, you’ll dance around with mom and then with us. I will never forget those lovely smiles of yours and the laughs we shared. I miss you so much and it hurts every time I open my eyes then I’ll realize it’ll all just be a memory.

There were mornings like this, I’ll cry for an hour or two. The sadness will not go away but somehow it will help me feel a little better and I’ll able to get through my day.

Some mornings are really hard for me to start another day without you. Some mornings hurts more, some mornings I am unhappy but every morning I will try my best.

I love you Dad

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