Pain, Please Stop

How do we make pain stop? Tell me how, please do tell me right now?

When we heard of someone talking about pain, we right away think of physical pain and ask how bad is it? Next, we take something to ease the pain. But how do we do that if I meant pain in my heart, emotionally in pain, mentally suffering, spiritually weak.

When we are in pain, we cry. It’s one of the most common outlet we can do. But what else we can do if crying never helps anymore?

When we are in pain, we seek for comfort and healing. We tend to be with someone who gives hope and light in your life. But what if that person is no longer with you? What if that person is the reason you are in pain now?

I am writing this right now with tears falling down in my cheeks. In deep sorrow, devastated, and grieving.

Now, please tell me how to stop this pain. Tell me, help me, teach me. Damn it, please stop this pain.

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