Roses, Chocolates, & Dates

You deserve roses, chocolates, and dates

Knowing your worth as a person, like a lady. Not begging for someone’s love, affection or attention. You deserve honesty, respect, and passionate love.

A piece of mind, reassurance, not to be blindsided.

You are tough, ladies, we are tough creatures. Tough but emotional.

Can you handle rejection? Are you okay being taken for granted? Is it fine not getting what you want? Of course.

But it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt any less.

You are human, you are lovable.
Do not chase the love, do not settle less for love.
Seek answers, you deserve it. You don’t deserve grey areas, you deserve sincerity.

You deserve those roses, chocolates, and dates. Chivalry isn’t dead yet.

That’s what we all deserve.
Go get what you deserve.

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