First Love, Worst Nightmare

It was darker than this night was my life before I know you
Wasn’t sure about everything then I found you
Couldn’t see where my dreams go until you lead the way,
It would be a lot nicer if you choose to stay

Promises of yours were still treasured,
Hidden in the safest place rest assured
Here I am still holding on it so tight,
My love, you are worth the fight.

Giving you my heart I was sure
Still into you that I so much adore
Picture of us together,
I kept it with me wherever

Then one day, I woke up so lost
My love, how could you hurt me the most?
We got no ending, you never say goodbye
Torn into pieces, my heart almost die.
I’ll be fine if you could only tell me why

I’d never thought this is how it will end

You were once the love of my life,
Now you’re hunting me to the death of my heart

But if ever our paths don’t cross again
Always remember all we had was true
I loved you, still loving you, and will always love you.

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